As a creative writer for small businesses and entrepreneurs, *i* get excited about *people* who GET excited about expanding their company’s content and taking their business seriously.

I can help you do both.


For many business owners, writing is a daunting, unnatural process. It sucks brain power, time, and energy, distracting them from other work responsibilities and slowing their company-building momentum. That’s usually my cue.

Let me do the heavy lifting in building out your online presence while you do your important stuff.

I’m Jamie Barakchian, and I help clients clarify their perfect brand messaging, curate social media content, and pack their online presence with relevant, gripping creative copy that yields more traffic, views, and clients.

My services fall into three main categories: Brand Messaging, Social Media Content, and Creative Copy. Check out the goods here and let me know how I can help you.

I’ve got you, babe.

Have a great product/service but don’t know what to call yourself, how to attract your clients, or what your message is?

Let’s figure it out.

If you know your clients live on social media and you need to, too — but, the pressure of crafting and scheduling a “perfect post” overwhelms you…

I can help.

Looking to build credibility, demonstrate expertise, and reach more clients? Cool.

Let’s do this.