Populate your social media feed. Extend your reach.
Increase your visibility.

Whether you hate to love or love to hate it, social media and online content is necessary to create a creditable brand.

It’s one of the fastest ways to reach your audience and legitimize your company. You know that phrase “pics or it didn’t happen?” It’s kind of like that. If something happens in your company but it’s not on Instagram for people to see… then did it really happen?

The Product:

You’ll get:

  • up to 4 blog/newsletters/articles per month

  • daily social media posts (5 days a week across two platforms of your choosing)

  • 5 additional headlines to use at your discretion

  • optional Schedule Management add-on*


Greater reach and visibility in your industry, plus:

  • a consistent social media presence

  • higher click rates and stronger SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • more followers = more clients

  • expertise and credibility in your field

  • way less Advil


Tell me a little more about your business *here.* After ensuring we’re a good fit, you’ll get a detailed form with questions designed to help me gain clarity about your company’s values, offers, and ideal clientele.

After that, I’ll send you custom content samples for us to discuss on a 30-minute phone call to ensure we’re on the same page and to listen to any feedback, concerns, or wants you have at that time.

Each month, you will receive a Google Drive spreadsheet including your social media captions and 8-10 headlines to be crafted into blog posts, articles, or newsletters. You will choose up to 4 of these headlines for me to write for you and the rest are yours to keep and use however you like.

*If you choose to add on Schedule Management, I will upload and schedule your posts for you.

**Starts with a 3 month contract.

Packages start at $800 per month.
Custom packages available.


Having someone be hyper-creative and at the same time so responsible was a dream come true.

- Michael, Elope Studios