When I Grow Up Coach

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"I want to work with Jamie forever. She nails my voice in everything she writes for me and rarely has to do more than lightly polish her first draft in order to make it post-worthy. Whether it's my blog, my newsletter, or my social media updates, she's able to write like I would - but better. With her as my Content Writer, I no longer leave my audience hanging when business picks up and I'm too busy to write my own posts. I love knowing Jamie is at the helm, nurturing my followers and readers and helping grow my platform. She's a dream and I'm only slightly angry that I have to share her."

Elope Studios


“Right off the bat, we felt that Jamie understood us and knew how to talk about what we did. That made us sleep better at night. The benefits of this manifested in more interaction and followers on our social media accounts, as well as clicks on our website. Working with Jamie felt like deciding to work with an old friend. She was so punctual and never missed a deadline. Having someone be hyper-creative and at the same time so responsible was a dream come true. Most of all, it was such a beautiful process watching her learn our brand and voice. We truly can't say enough good about our experience with her!”

Morgan’s Mantras

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“Jamie is someone you want to spend time with no matter what. She actually takes the time to listen to your vision and puts herself in your shoes. This in turn allows her to better serve you/your business. She is receptive, open, and honest in all collaborations, always putting your best interest first and does not rush to get a job done. She is genuine, professional, and personable. I felt like I had a support system behind me. Not just with the work I am doing for my business, but also like I had a team member by my side making sure I was confident throughout my entire time with her. She makes you feel comfortable to share your real thoughts and opinions no matter what.”