Creative Copy

Impress your clients. Shine online.

Let’s be real — if you’re a business, you need a website with clear, attention-grabbing copy.

Sure, snazzy photos and bright colors might be shiny to look at, but clients came to your site to learn more about you, your offers, and what they’re going to walk away with. You need copy that makes all of that super clear (and isn’t a total drag to read).

The Product:

You’ll get:

  • clean, compelling website copy in your company’s unique voice

  • website copy for your ‘home,’ ‘about,’ ‘product/service’ and ‘contact’ page

  • product and/or service descriptions

  • custom navigation titles

  • expanded website bio and social media bio  


  • custom website copy that makes you look legit AF

  • unique copy in your business’ voice that resonates with your specific clientele

  • professional status & credibility

  • stronger SEO and higher click rates


Tell me a little more about your business *here.* After ensuring we’re a good fit, you’ll get a detailed form with questions designed to help me gain clarity about your company’s values, offers, and ideal clientele.

After that, I will send you a few content samples for us to discuss on a 30-minute phone call to ensure we’re on the same page and to listen to any feedback, concerns, or wants you have at that time.

Your final website copy will be delivered within three-five weeks, depending on the scope of content.

Rates start at $1,200.
Custom packages available.


Jamie is receptive, open, and honest in all collaborations,,

always putting your best interest first.

— Morgan, Morgan’s Mantras