About me

I don’t want to make this weird, but how good does my hair look in that picture?

Just kidding.

But, seriously.

I’m Jamie Barakchian and I have over 8+ years of professional writing experience ranging from entertainment and news coverage to branded copy and advertising. Back in the day, I moved to New York City to join an advertising agency, and that experience was wild. While working on *the* 5th Avenue did throw me in the deep end with high-end clientele and a warp-speed city lifestyle, I quickly learned my heart is in working one-on-one with passionate, thoughtful clients and not in working for “the man.”

Over the next few years, I began touring as a stand-up comic (if you can even believe it) while taking on independent gigs with budding businesses. You can also see my work sprinkled throughout the copy of well known brands and featured on Comedy Central, Thrillist, Elite Daily, BRIC TV, and more.

I live in New York City with my husband and our dog, Linda, in an apartment that does not have a dishwasher but does have a Ben & Jerry’s downstairs.

I love when a business’ voice emerges and my clients get to have a “Yes! — That’s what I mean!” moment. I’ve love to make it happen for you.

If my vibe is your vibe, I want to hear from you.


What I am:

A professional writer with a forté in creative content. I can craft online copy that is relevant to your business and industry and help you gain more clients, expertise in your field, and credibility online.

What I’m not:

Whatever you are. You’re the expert in your business. I will do my work by listening closely to you and your company’s needs during our on-boarding process and by completing any necessary research to create bulletproof content.

What if we disagree on something?:

I hear ya and I hate that. I’ll use my background and experience to guide you in the best direction I think possible and make suggestions using my personal expertise. That said, you know your business best and your feelings trump my opinions. I will never dig my heels in on something I know you are uncomfortable with.

What if you know you need a little bit of this, a little bit of that, but don’t see your specific needs on my services page?:

No worries. I totally do custom packages.

My professional (and frankly, personal) business morals and objectives:

To be authentic. To be transparent. To keep this fun.