The Works

Complete Branded, Social & Creative Copy for your business.

The Product:

A company branded packet that includes: business name & domain name, company slogan, clear mission statement, bio/profile description, and a clear definition of your company’s voice.


Social package including: 3 months of up to 4 blog/newsletters/articles per month, daily social media posts, 4+ additional headlines, and the option to add scheduling management.


Strong website copy for your ‘home’ page, ‘about’ page, product or service descriptions, unique navigation titles, and website + social media bios.


A fully realized branded, social and creative online presence for you and your company (without the nervous break down or effort).


Tell me a little more about your business *here.* After ensuring we’re a good fit, you’ll get a detailed form with questions designed to help me gain clarity about your company’s values, offers, and ideal clientele.

After that, I will send you a few content samples for us to discuss on a 60-minute phone call to ensure we are on the same page and to listen to any feedback, concerns, or wants you have at that time.

There will be two check in points for you to review the work completed and make any adjustments. You will be delivered your company Branded Packet, website copy, and first round of social media posts ready for launching within six weeks.

Custom Quotes available upon request.